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X-ray Fluorescent (XRF) Analyzers 

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology is the gold standard for accurate, nondestructive elemental analysis in a wide range of applications as diverse as cement manufacturing, metallurgy, mining, geology and geochemistry, petroleum, polymers, glass and ceramics, semiconductors, paints and chemicals, forensics investigations, and environmental applications. 

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The FEI Quanta line includes six variable-pressure and environmental scanning electron microscopes (ESEM™). All of which can accommodate multiple sample and imaging requirements for industrial process control labs, materials science labs and life science labs. Combined with EDX, element content analysis on the sample can be quantified with this equipment. 

Hysitron Ubi®1 Nano Indenter 

This instrument has capabilities for Nanoindentation (hardness and elastic modulus); Nanoscratch (friction, wear, etc.) and SPM imaging.

Optical Microscopes

Our optical microscopes furnished with a digital camera are available for general surface and microstructure observations.

Oxford Geospec2 Core NMR 

Low field nuclear magnetic resonance, NMR, is routinely used in the oil exploration industry to examine the T2 relaxation time distribution of fluids in core plugs. These distributions can be interpreted to give information on pore size distributions, permeability, porosity, free fluid index and bound water volumes. This equipment is installed in UND advanced core analysis lab.

X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzer 

X-Ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD) investigates the crystalline material structure, including atomic arrangement, crystallite size, and imperfections. XRD analysis and expertise is used for a very wide range of sample types and applications. 

816 MTS load frame

This machine includes a fixed crosshead mounted on two rectangular columns bolted to the base plate, creating an extremely rigid yet free-standing frame. Integrated into the base plate is a single-ended, double- acting actuator with a 100 mm (4 in.) stroke for tests requiring large displacements.

Auto Lab 1500

The Auto Lab 1500 multi-purpose test system is developed by New England Research. The Auto lab 1500 is a triaxial rock testing system that can perform standard rock mechanic experiments, and measure different mechanical and petrophysical properties of rocks under reservoir pressure and temperature.

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