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Graduating seniors of class 2017

I attended the graduation of the senior of Class'17. There were some great guys that were graduating from the UND Petroleum program. Guys like Ross, Jordan, Josh Dahly, Josh Rothe, Abdulkadir Said, Mohammed Sater, Mitch, Caleb, Kyle, Jeff. I've had a pleasure being in the same classes, working on the projects, grading their labs and exams, and just being around in the department. The run the SPE really great with tons of speakers and events! They were really like the role models to me, so much more mature that one can learn a lot from interacting with them.

Best of luck to them in their careers! 

I know the faculty also liked these guys, as they were recognized at the IAC banquet dinner. I'm sure there'll be long lasting relationships with the department as well.


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