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Williston trip

A group of UND students went to Williston, ND for the field trip to see oil operations. 

There were about 15 people, some are online students. We visited companies such as Hess, Conoco, Whiting, Halliburton, MBI, Marathon, etc. Met with different people and listened to various presentations. People shared with us how they work, what they do, their perspectives on the industry. In the first 2 days we got the OSHA 10 certification. There's a really huge emphasis on safety in the industry.

We saw the drilling, completion, salt water disposal, fracking, production sites. It was a really valuable experience that will help students understand the petroleum engineering better. We are really thankful to the IAC members who took charge and were the guides to us, and also to the department who helped organizing this trip! 

We also visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North) and witnessed the area without any oil rigs, seems so rare in that part on ND! Pictures are below:


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